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The concept of Tecarterapia Evoluta is a completely new concept introduced by Elettronica PAGANI to respond to increasingly demanding professionals, to whom the traditional tecartherapy devices and / or multi-frequency diathermy they are no longer congenial, because they are looking for something more in terms of performance, safety, comfort and technology. Today, all of PAGANI Evolved Tercartharapy devices meet those new standards. New Tecarterapia Evoluta devices made by PAGANI are provided with the best features and protection against electromagnetic dispersion. Our R&S department is developing devices and using technology and solutions for making best devices, without any compromise, focusing the first approach to the maximum protection for patient and physiotherapist. This is why, the Interactive Probe has been developed and it is provided a full insulated ergonomic handling for allowing each operator to perform each treatment without touching the radiating part of the hand-piece itself. For operators who are using tecar for many hours a day, it is necessary the maximum protection.

• Stable and configurable frequency at 480 KHz
• Generating circuit in constant current
• Advanced control system to avoid current returns and / or dispersions on patient and operator
• Advanced software with suggested programs
• Fully isolated interactive hand-piece, with colour display and onboard power settings
• Switch from Capacitive to Resistive mode and vice versa without replacing the hand-piece and the electrode

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