the new and effective approach into the diathermy applications!

Further to the traditional continuous emission mode, TRC is also offering pulsed emission mode.
Pulsed emission mode is useful for performing treatments while warm is quite contraindicated, such as recent traumas, but also when vascular, dermatologic pathologies are treated.

• Stable frequency at  480 KHz
• Temperature sensor
• Continuous and pulsed emission
• Calculation of impedance
• MResistive and Capacitive modalities
• Pre-set programs with body pictures

As usual for a thecartherapy, HC TRC is offering unipolar applications by using large neutral electrode and the Intereacvive Probe.
Interactive Probe represents the biggest revolution into the thecar therapy field. PAGANI, first all over the World, introduced IP where all functions are displayed and the operator may set power from the relevant switches. IP is also offering the opportunity to keep the same electrode and shifting from Resistive to Capacitive or viceversa by using the sophisticated electronic device. So, the operator doesn’t lose time for changing electrode.


BIPOLAR application is allowing the operator to avoid neutral electrode and delivering energy locally where the electrode keeps in touch with the patient’s skin. It is useful for treating small parts of the body, such as face (sinusitis, rinitis, wrinkles, stimulating collagen, etc.), cheloidis, for treating cellulite and oedema, vascular diseases.

Bipolar modality

Treatment has been made with Bipolar hand-piece

IP: Interactive Probe
IP has been exclsuivedly developed from PAGANI for granting comfortable and safety maassage, in respect with ergonomic shape of the hand. Everybody may handle the hand-piece with insulation and protection from eletromagnetic field. IP is granting electronic switching from from capacitive to resistive and viceversa without changing the electrode. Over the coloured LCD of IP you may see all useful parameters such as temperature, intensity, impedance and modality.


MCS: Magnetic Coupling System
MCS has been studied exclusively from PAGANI for allowing coupling of each electrode to the Interactive Probe by using a special magnetic attraction, without any connector for making easier and safer every connection.


DET: Dynamic Energy Transfer
Dynamic Energy Transfer has been introduced for granting proper Energy to the patient with reference to temperature modifications and impedance over the patient.

Technical features
• Frequency: 480 KHz +/- 10Hz
• Emission: continuous and pulsed
• Impedance: in real time
• Temperature sensor
• Power:
mod. HC TRC 180: max 180 W
mod. HC TRC 300: max. 300 W
• Pre-set protocols with pictures
• Free memories for storing customized protocols
• Interactive Probe

On inquiry:
• Wheeled trolley with boxes
• Bipolar hand-piece