IP: Interactive Probe
IP is made exclusively by PAGANI to allow a comfortable, safe massage in full compliance with the ergonomic shape of the hand and gesture of the massage.
Anyone can hold the handpiece in a practical and relaxed way to perform an effective massage in complete comfort, with maximum protection from possible dispersed currents and the electromagnetic field.

DET: Dynamic Energy Transfer
Dynamic Energy Transfer has been introduced for granting proper Energy to the patient with reference to temperature modifications and impedance over the patient.

MCS: Magnetic Coupling System
MCS has been studied exclusively from PAGANI for allowing coupling of each electrode to the Interactive Probe by using a special magnetic attraction, without any connector for making easier and safer every connection.

Bipolar applications
Thanks to the bipolar hand-piece it is possible to transfer proper energy density just over the point of contact between the electrode and the patient’s skin avoiding any extra EMC over un-desired tissues. No neutral is needed, it is useful for treating small parts of the body such as fingers, or soft tissues such as face, small muscles, wounds, etc, or performing beauty applications over cellulite and improving skin elasticity.